Rugby Ontario Refund Policy

Refund Policy - I / We have read, understand and agree to comply with Rugby Ontario's refund policy


Further to the Rugby Canada Policy, Rugby Ontario has the following policies:


  1. Refunds must be formally requested by the Registrant or on behalf of the Registrant by a parent or guardian through the National registration system (SportLomo).
  2. Refunds must be requested in the same year as the registration season.
  3. Refunds will be automatically approved if the request for refund is submitted within 15 days of purchase and the Registrant has not participated in any rugby related activities during the 15 day period.
  4. Refunds requested past the 15 day period will be reviewed by all Organizations and processed individually by each party (i.e. National body, Provincial body and Club). If approved, each Organization is responsible for the refund of their portion of the registration fees.
  5. All refund inquiries should be directed to

  6. Transaction Fee

  7. Only the registration fees paid by the Registrant will be refunded. Transaction and/or service fees are not eligible for refund.

  8. Eligibility

  9. Once a Registrant participates in a rugby related activity, the Registrant is not entitled to a refund by Rugby Ontario.